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FGBAU 2020 Transformative Leadership Award - Now Accepting Nominations

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Our window is now open to accept recommendations for the 2020 FGBAU Transformative Leadership Award. Learn more below.

"2020 FGBAU Transformative Leadership Award Criteria"  

During the 2020 pandemic, business leaders and entreprenuers all over are strapping for solutions to stay afloat to keep their doors open.  

The mindset of some leaders has shifted from seeing their business as a plethora of opportunity to becoming a money sinkhole filled with stress and unrealistic expectations.  

However, some corporate business leaders and entreprenuers have transformed these hard times in the recession into moments of opportunity. 

These business leaders are transformative and should be celebrated and recognized as one of our FGBAU Transformative Leaders for our FGBAU Transformative Leadership Recognition Award for 2020.

So do you know a Transformative Leader? If so, nominate the person to be one of our award receipents so that we can celebrate them, recognize their accomplishment, and share their story with others.

How can I nominate a Business Leader or Entreprenuer?

Send the following details to us via email at

Your Name

Your Email Address

Your Phone Number

The Person's Name Your are nominating

The Name of their Business

And what the person accomplished in 2020 to be recognized as a FGBAU Transformative Leader.

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