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Thank you for your interest in learning more about us!

Our History:

Founded in 2010, Financial Good, Bad, and Ugly (FGBAU) is a


monthly online magazine featuring articles on what’s good, bad, and


ugly in finance (money), business, and entrepreneurship.  Our writers,


reports, debaters, and critics are masters in sharing substantive


information concerning our subjects of discussion in a


knowledgeable, interesting, and engaging manner.  Other topics of


FGBAU discussion includes: banking, personal finance, business


headlines, business trends, technology, power couples, power


books, and more. 

Our Three (3) Goals:


Our overall goal is threefold:


1) Make our readers more financially literate; 


2) to give our readers an enterprising entrepreneurial edge; and 

3) to help them to make smarter decisions in an Ugly Economy.   


Our Corporate Office & Mailing Address

Our corporate office is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.  Our


mailing address is:


In care of FGBAU

P.O. Box 1965,

Orlando, Florida 32802-1965

Financial Good, Bad, and Ugly is a subsidiary of C.I.A.F.S., LLC. 

Community Involvement

We are a proud sponsor of the following organizations:  Revolution


Leadership, Inc. and Young Investors, Inc.  Our company also


strongly believes in the Biblical principal of tithing and gives 10% of


earned income to support our local church.  

For more information About Us, feel free to browse through our site

or Contact Us.




Dr. J.P. Chisholm 


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